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Sedona & Page, AZ

After my visit to the Grand Canyon I had a couple of quick trips to some beautiful non-National Park areas. The first was a day trip to Sedona, where I went for a fun popular hike up to Cathedral Rock. It had a lot of scrambling up rock faces between crevices and was a much different feeling than the typical hikes I'm used to on the East Coast. It had beautiful views of the area and was a lot of fun.

Sedona seems like a really cool (albeit I'm guessing expensive) area, and I really respect that they were able to earn the designation of a dark sky community, which means they have enacted ordinances for outdoor light pollution and done things like making streetlights point downwards to minimize any light pollution coming from them. I'm sure there is a lot more awesome hiking in the area and I'd love to go back one day.

From there I drove up through Flagstaff (making a pit stop for some car maintenance) and on to Page, which is the home of Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, and Lake Powell. Watching the sun rise over while sitting on the edge of Horseshoe Bend was really beautiful.

Next I headed over for a tour of Antelope Canyon, which is probably the most famous and most photographed slot canyon. It was a very unique experience to walk down through this beautiful slot canyon and hear the stories and history of it from our guide. Pictures don't do it justice.

This was a really fun tour, and it sounds like there is a lot more fun and tours to be had in the Page and Lake Powell area, but I had a campground reservation and it was time for me to be moving on to the next stop.


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