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Intro - National Parks 2021 Road Trip

In the fall of 2021 I took an 8 week road trip across the country with my dog Abby. We left the Philadelphia area at the end of August, went all the way out the California, and made it back to PA just before Halloween.

Here is a general overview of the route in Roadtrippers, following the southern route first, then coming back along the northern route.

My vehicle for the trip was in my 2008 Honda Fit, and in total I ended up clocking in at around 14,000 miles. I built a raised wooden platform with storage compartments and a platform for sleeping, as well as a tent that attaches to the back hatch for some extra space.

In the subsequent blog posts I'll be going through the various sights and hikes along the trip, including 16 National Parks, some National Historic Sites, National Monuments, and some other fun places.


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