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Bryce Canyon

Everyone's heard about Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon, but the next stop on my trip was a National Park that I hadn't really heard much about, and didn't really have any expectations for. Bryce Canyon turned out to be one of the most unique parks I visited and I had a ton of fun hiking here.

The park has a lot of accessible viewpoints from the road which are dog friendly, and are often the starting points for hikes down into the canyon. They also were running some interesting ranger programs which went over how the hoodoo formations are created (and how they continue to erode and form today). I found it all really interesting and the hoodoos are like nothing I've seen before.

I camped in the park, and there is a nice general store there, plus the small town outside of the park where you can find pretty much anything you need. Additionally, there was a great dog sitting service that comes into the park to pickup your dogs, take them doggy daycare, and then return them at the end of the day. If you have dogs with you but are looking to hike I would definitely recommend Pawzdogz doggy daycare.

Bryce Canyon also has some really dark skies! Unfortunately my trip aligned with the full moon so it was difficult to see the Milky Way, but I was able to capture one photo of the moon backlighting a hoodoo formation.

The hiking in Bryce was my favorite, getting to go down and weave back and fourth through and around the hoodoos was a really cool experience. My favorite trails here were the Fairyland Loop trail, and the Queen's Garden/Navajo Loop trail.

Overall I was really pleasantly surprised by Bryce Canyon. It has a great mixture of viewpoints/overlooks and easy to challenging hikes. I knew very little about the park going in, and left as a big fan.


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